Our approach

Four areas we're focusing on.


    Provide services, products, and practices that make use of recycled materials and lessen their impact on the environment.


    Products are packed in our recyclable and reusable packaging.


    Work together with suppliers to improve the supply chain's fairness, safety, and efficiency.


    Create products that prioritize the requirements of individuals and increase access to their advantages.


Lower-impact materials and long lastingĀ products.

We are implementing procedures to reduce pollution and waste. while delivering best support to extend the lifespan of our products so they don't need to be changed as frequently.

Give materials a secondĀ life.

Our products are mostly made from recycled materials.

By 2025, we pledge to use at least 50% of recycled or renewable plastic in all of ourĀ products, providing recycled plastic highest priority wherever we can.

We pledge to eliminate all plastic from our product packaging by 2025 and to make it completely recyclable.

Ingredients matter.

Manufacturing waste is largely deposited in landfills. We are making the most of recycled and renewable resources in all areas of our operations, products, and supply chains to lower ourĀ carbon footprint.

Our phone cases have been redesigned to contain 30-70% recycled plastic.

Reducing waste.

Our natural resources are under tremendous strain, and it is vital to strike a balance between usage and the results. So, from manufacturing to retail, we're aiming to eliminate waste produced at all levels.

Built to last longer.

We make sure that our phone cases are durable so that customers can use them for a longer period of time.

Our design never fades or peels.


Recyclable, Reusable


Partnering with the communities where weĀ operate.

Weā€™re working to improve the lives of people across the supply chain.

Safer manufacturing. HealthierĀ communities.

In order to increase social and economic opportunities and enhance global wellbeing, we are investing in infrastructure.


Make an impact right from home.

When you place an order at Beidiot, you are directly helping us in our mission to save Mother Nature.